Forming a brand-new community of 1,100 homes north of Ipswich in Suffolk – Henley Gate is the first of three neighbourhoods that will form the Ipswich Garden Suburb.

The Crest Nicholson development on Henley Road former use was predominantly arable farming land with some evidence of landfill in parts. The development is situated on the outskirts of Ipswich near the villages of Henley & Westerfield.

Since breaking ground in November 2021 Anderson have been working tirelessly constructing the on-site infrastructure including roads, footpaths, cycleways and drainage to serve the Phase 1 of the development.

The surface water outfall for the western portion of the development is formed using a series of existing ditches and new swales and basins. For Phase 1 foul water is discharged into an existing manhole in Henley Road.

The development utilises both traditional and piled foundations due to the varying nature of the underlying soils. Substructure brickwork with heights ranging for 675mm to 1500mm support insulated suspended floors topped with concrete screeds.

An incredible part of this new development is a huge new country park which is the equivalent to 70 football pitches, and we are delighted to be tasking with creating it.

Parklands and walkways will be formed with material excavated from ponds, the benefits of which are minimising significant volumes of surplus soil going to landfill.

Winding through the parks will be pedestrian walkways and cycle routes that will create the feeling of wide open spaces in the garden village.

There will be many more local amenities delivered within the wider scheme including a primary school and a community centre.

The Senior Site Manager for this project is Terry Lindsell, working with a team of up to 70 people from Anderson.

Works to phase 2 infrastructure is due to commence in early 2024