This outstanding development is a very significant project for Anderson, it marked our first success tendering for Hopkins Homes way back in 2015. Anderson has since secured a number of other beautiful projects throughout Essex.

Set on the site of a former chalk quarry in Needham Market, set to become home to a community of 266 properties – The area has a rich and fascinating history – once home to local business Needham Chalks, the quarry that was purchased by an Army veteran in 1946 using his demobilisation money following the end of the Second World War.

He left the plot to his son in the late 80’s and the family continued to run it as a successful chalk mining and processing operation right up until its purchase by Hopkins Homes in 2017.

The site is 45 acres, but the sheer face of the quarry walls reduce the area suitable for development to around 32 acres.

So far, 220+ of the 266 properties have been completed, 20 of which are homes designated HA or shared ownership.

The development will also offer its new community benefits, including a central village pond, a play area, a timber footbridge and gravel paths forming providing Our work on the project has been extensive.

We are completing all the on-site infrastructure including roads and drainage, complex deep bore soakaways, silt and surface water run-off management, earthworks in the form of cut and fill and piling mats and attendance.

In addition, we are responsible for the piled foundations, substructure brickwork, suspended oversites, domestic drainage, and external works.

Various retaining features, including unilog, Tobermore dry stone crib walling, masonry walls, screen walls and earth walls are set to be completed by a sub-contractor we have appointed.

The Site Manager for this project is Stuart Butters, working with a team of 16 people from Anderson.

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