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Our rising stars shine at National Building and Construction Awards

Two of our rising stars are celebrating after receiving recognition in a national award scheme.

Alfie Ball, 17, and Amie McCartney, 22, were both shortlisted for the National Building and
Construction Awards on 16th November 2023 for their work at M Anderson Construction Ltd – with Alfie scooping a Bronze award for Apprentice of the Year.

Alfie, who is based at the Coggeshall Mill development in Coggeshall, Essex, said: “I feel very lucky to have received this award. In the eight months I’ve been working in Coggeshall, the team has been so welcoming and really helpful.

“I’m now on internal and external and drainage, so I’m getting to know all the areas to do withgroundwork, am involved in every stage and I’m enjoying learning new skills from the hands-on experience.

“I’m also enjoying working with all the different people who are involved in the project and learning about their roles and how the team works together as a whole.”

Anderson Training Manager Steve Hammond said that since starting his apprenticeship, Alfie has approached both the theory and practical elements of his course with enthusiasm and dedication and taken full advantage of the wide variety of groundwork experiences, asking questions and going above and beyond to build his skills.

He said: “The reports we are getting back about Alfie and his work ethic have been exceptional from day one.

“His attitude is fantastic; he wants to work hard and learn all there is to know about both the theory and the practical side of the job.

“He is a great all-round apprentice, and in his monthly reports, every box is filled, showing he is exceptional in all areas.”

He added: “Even when he was new into the role, it was clear Alfie was engaged and keen to increase his knowledge and skills.

“He is also helping colleagues by sharing his up-to-date learning and insights, bringing a fresh perspective and enthusiasm to the company.

“You can tell from the questions he asks and the way that he has fitted into the team that he has a bright future ahead.

“Alfie should be proud of his work so far on the apprentice scheme, and excited for what the future holds. He is thoroughly deserving of winning this award.”

Scott Keeble, Alfie’s site manager, put him forward for the award.

He said: “He has always shown a very eager willingness to learn and picks up new skills on a weekly basis.

“I cannot fault his timekeeping or work ethic and he is always happy to jump in with others to achieve work targets. I always get good feedback from the various different groups of people that Alfie works with.

“He isn’t afraid to communicate with others and always asks questions if he is unsure of anything. He shows a good attitude towards work and sets a good example for others to follow.

“As time goes on, I am giving him more responsibility and he seems to thrive on this and takes it in
his stride. I can see he has passion in his work and really cares about the tasks he is completing and
puts his all into things.”

Amie McCartney has been Assistant Buyer at MACL since February 2022 and her role involves
everything from nurturing supplier relationships and ensuring sustainable practices in the supply chain, to keeping up to date with the price of materials and negotiating with suppliers.

Last year she scooped gold at the Essex Construction Training Association (ECTA) Awards 2022, in the Support and Admin category.

She said: “I feel lucky to enjoy the job and industry I am in, which encourages me to work to the best of my abilities and continually improve my knowledge.

“I’m certain that everything I know and will learn will not only improve myself, but also my company and the wider industry – and I hope to one day be able to mentor other women and set an example for those who want to make a career in construction.

“I’m proud to be a woman in this industry and hope my experience paves the way for more to join us.”

Steve said: “Amie is an advocate of women in the industry and is a well-rounded role model for anyone wanting to start a career in construction.

“Amie has adapted and excelled in her role, gaining the recognition and respect from our site teams as well as office staff.”